100 Days - [Minecraft with Tors]

2020 22 فوریه
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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft is a great game to play with friends. So this time I decided to play Minecraft with my best friend, Tors. We survived Minecraft for 100 Days with the goal of killing the Ender Dragon, and by the end of the video, I guarantee you'll experience the fun we had.
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C418 - Minecraft
Daniel Rosenfeld
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  • Fun fact: They got more then 30 achievements.

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  • You should try one block

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  • Tors:we need lapis Luke the notable:no it belongs behind the chest

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  • Day 200 plsssssss watched this video for the eighth time and I love it

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  • Luke should make a server and do a 100 in his server.

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  • You Are Log Bro!

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  • 28:03 Luke:I will hold it in my hand the entire time. Then proceeds to not have it in the next shot. Edit: opp, nevermind. I just could not see it when he was rowing.

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  • Why was he filling the sand in 2:25 :l Please don’t hate I like luke :)

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  • The only good thing that gold can do in Minecraft is make golden apples

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  • You guys are so cute omg

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  • He took the corn flour out of his hands

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  • I still don't get why you guys don't sprint?

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  • tors get cats tors:mu cat collection is coming along nicely NOW KISS

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  • 1:40 min for pizza to arrive I’m not a nerd I just did math

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  • Go to 10:33 for the reason of tors saying it was a good day then suddenly I was on fire for most of day 33

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  • When the Cliff and Caves update comes, GET THE AXOLOTLS! Get enough to create the Armilotls to ambush the Guardians and Elder Guardians in the Ocean Monument!

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  • Tors:*whisper* Now kiss Me: Shipppppppp!

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  • Luke is a simp

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    • What about split screen fortnite huh did Tors want it and every time she is in a fortnite video huh

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    • He isnt a pro lol

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  • 13:42 TheTors: AGAIN WITH THE COBBLESTONE?!?!?!

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    • 13:42

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  • 6:14 Luke: we didn’t have beds to sleep through the night. Me: dude there is beds in the village.

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  • luke’s response to tors being in the hot sun: metal armor.

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  • Tors voice lines are literally robotic and cringe... like shes Reading a script (so is Luke but it’s way better sounding)

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