Among Us But SUPER IMPOSTER VS 7 Crewmates (mods)

2021 2 فوریه
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A new Among Us mod! This time the Imposter is a SUPER IMPOSTER because he can Quantum Tunnel AKA walk through walls. This completely changes the game. You'll see when I'm Imposter how I use this power to 1v7 and win...

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    • @ANTsus I love your channel

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  • What is your real face

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  • I really like your voice

    Nicole & Jax ShawNicole & Jax Shawپیش 6 ساعت
  • 4:29 Phil Swift: “that’s a lot of damage” ZMDE: Oh I don’t think so. Me: How is it a lot of damage by closing a door on red?

    Devansh RavalDevansh Ravalپیش 6 ساعت
  • او سائلا المولى عز وجل 😫 بالصحة والعافية وان شاء الله في كل الاحوال لا يمكن لنا جميعا

    John ElouafkiJohn Elouafkiپیش 6 ساعت
  • Stop stop stop you’re going to take someone’s eye out. Besides you’re spelling it wrong! It’s impostOR not impostER

    Julia ChristianJulia Christianپیش 7 ساعت
  • LC said bodys at o3 but it’s o2 7:29

    ælo Dynastyælo Dynastyپیش 7 ساعت
  • I love how he is like come to the dark side

    Josh KobeJosh Kobeپیش 8 ساعت
  • Among Us is my last name Among Us is my mama's name Among Us I don't have a lot of time

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  • ZMDE:almost like...u quantum tunneled Me:BA DUM CHING LOL

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  • What the yell

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  • "'%€"_!/; €;/€%"¥.$7¥_^£("&"€ Bubble Boy?舍不得了一些的工作思路*/%_('£_/_€($£_%/7£%$=6$_=$_/($%_(=£_/_%£(÷€#64#

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  • So ZMDE was emperor palpatine and he was convincing bogi/anakin to join the dark side

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  • I think the people are just going easy on you

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  • When zmde is imposter : Let’s Go When zmde is innocent: lets go When zmde is medic : LET’S GO

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  • Game 2 zmde: Maybe not innocent but clear Me: that’s wrong and no sense

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  • you make so much amazing mods!!

  • In public, I say this is the most intelligent game ever played.

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  • ZMDE, you should not light out because you can frame others

    Lixia PanLixia Panپیش روز
  • Bogey there’s only a 10% chance that you’re reading this comment but why would you vote white you’re not even getting anything out of it but OK

    Liz ZieLiz Zieپیش روز
  • Lime: body was at o3 everyone: ok me: ;-; lime dony know how to spell o2 LOL

    iifrxggyiiiifrxggyiiپیش روز
  • If a Super Impostor was more OP. It could add an Infinite Kill Range. A 0 second kill cooldown. Even teleporting everywhere instead if quantum tunneling.

    MarsMarsپیش روز

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  • Whata fuck

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  • ZMDE I feel so bad for you dying in among Us

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  • What is a Quantum tunnel when his name is quantum that was pretty funny

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  • ZMDE if you can see this I am Vegeta

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  • Dark green is probably one of the most polite among us players.!

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  • I like when bogey said oh hi it’s Bogey

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  • ZMDE: dark green snapped his neck Red: am I a joke to you?? I’m already dead

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  • When I play Among us, no one litarly follow me. They vote us before we speak...

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  • Me if i'm a crewmate:*....* Me if i'm imposter:*yazzz reeeeee yeeeeeeeeeet*

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  • right when white saw him he really had to pause it

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  • How do you get this mod is it like for iPad or pc?

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  • Super imposter is the imposter that have no kill coldown

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  • ZMDE, I'm thinking of a 60 Parsecs version if that's Ok with you. Here's the roles: Baby Bronco as ZMDE Emmet Ellis as Quantum Deedee Dawkins as NotMRG1 April Angelle as Among Sus Tom Thomson as Bogi Maegan Mann as Banana Man The 60 Parsecs Version only shows the imposter round.

    Shelley GreenShelley Greenپیش 3 روز
  • 5:48 White:QwFhOlNnBghMmmMmmMmjJnbHjMbGhjJnN;hHjNnhHh;bHh/bHh green dies

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