Explosive Bat: crushing MLB records. Ft: Smarter Every Day

2020 18 اكتبر
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The previous explosive bat was cool, but it wasn't setting any records. I set out to design a bat that could beat Babe Ruth's home run record of 575 feet. The engineering was intense but the results are spectacular. Aside from attempts on the record, you can also look forward to some awesome high speed footage of the bat in action and a special guest.
This video could not have been made without the help of Destin from Smarter Every Day. Not only did he provide the high speed camera, he also shared all his footage from testing the bat. He made a more in depth video on what happens when this this bat goes boom. Check it out!
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    • @Sal Ignozzi never meant a man to take his shoes off while bow hunting lol.. If you're hunting deer.. I wouldn't advise that. They have an extremely good sense of smell. Much stronger than ours...

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    • i search degloving and i thought its only on hands

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    • Yes really loved the tablet demo - looks really useful program

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    • Can you tell me the softwares used to design this and what was used on the tablet to explain how it worked

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    • And u probably need a rebound spring lock, so when it contacts, the rebound spring can assist w/ parallel expansions in the rebound

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  • now try 50 bmg or work your way up from 7mm 08 or 338 lapua

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  • can you bunt a home run now?

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  • Wait how is this bat 50. Cal when you’re using MUCH smaller cartridges

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  • say don't look up degloving: Me: looks it up *instant regret*

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  • @Stuff Made Here, you should design and optimize a mechanism to launch disc golf discs. The physics of frisbee flight are super interesting, with a bunch of different dynamics principles at work simultaneously. The current world record is 1,108.9 ft. Maybe break that record with a 3-D printed disc?

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  • out of curiosity i actually went to look up degloving

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  • You are a very good teacher....amazed by that....

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  • Someone finally created Super Sledge technology from Fallout. I need one immediately.

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  • This is like a fallout class, jet sledge hammer.

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  • The Excalibat. This thing would homerun a human head.

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  • Wow.

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  • I don’t get how a person can be so nice and cool at the same time ,Proceeds to throw a baseball at him and tell him that he has no talent and etc...lol

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  • The launching only connects if you hit it spot on . The convex surface makes it even more hard. It may not be esthetic but more efficient If you make it flat or concave .

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  • Imagine somebody hitting you in the face with that

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  • He stole this from Enter the Gungeon.

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  • He should be allowed in the MLB and only HE exclusively can use this bat

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  • If the record can be held using steroids.....this doesn't seem like cheating.

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  • Rip drone

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  • rip to whomever swings this bat as a joke on their friends

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  • My .50 caliber bat powered by .27 caliber blanks

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  • Einstein Jr.

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  • How to deal with failure and pick yourself back up, well, at least you are a very good motivation to all of us that it is possible and feasible to do that... in a wonderful way! thank you for sharing such amount of great job, hours and tests, and what a great results, congratulations!

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