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2019 4 ژانویه
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  • awww i love cody

    Luciana Arévalo CastroLuciana Arévalo Castroپیش 7 ماه
  • im 16 and watched the video on my school account and no one did nothing

    Leah BloomLeah Bloomپیش 8 ماه
  • u look like a karen

    Maddy BrooksMaddy Brooksپیش 8 ماه
  • Peace. Love. And Juul Pods. I need a shirt of that.

    Rusty ShackelfordRusty Shackelfordپیش 9 ماه
  • Pretty sure Cody just took the comment at 3:20 because of the likes it got

    kathiii333kathiii333پیش 9 ماه
  • I’m glad Cody Ko won’t be sues for being kid’s content

    JosephTheGodJosephTheGodپیش سال
  • Cody really lives up to his old man persona in the thumbnail to this video

    Natalie PrattNatalie Prattپیش سال
  • Yes Cody fucking gooooo

    Cari EllsayCari Ellsayپیش سال
  • vapebox now has 12 million views because of this

    jamie Vukovichjamie Vukovichپیش سال
  • The insane thing about it tho is that pornhub gets SO many more views than IRworld I dont the accounts get ad revenue but if they did youd better believe youtubers would look broke compared to them

    banana breadbanana breadپیش سال
  • Haha yea I couldn’t watch it cuz it’s age restricted but I found it on another channel but I still liked ur video🤣

    Sophia CondraSophia Condraپیش سال
  • That description😂

    liv blmliv blmپیش سال
  • Let's go bois we did it

    clay10clay10پیش سال
  • .... just kidding😅

    Slo_tc1Slo_tc1پیش سال
  • can u and noel pls collab w drew and danny

    Gabby EmsdenGabby Emsdenپیش سال
  • So that’s cringe Brent Rivera

    Miriam LMiriam Lپیش سال
  • how many people that r ‘under 18’ r actually under 18 tho

    Eliana LynnEliana Lynnپیش سال
  • Lmao I love how his “speech” was on a receipt 🧾 I also love how I have an emoji for a fuckin receipt

    Danielle and angel nievesDanielle and angel nievesپیش سال
  • We did it reddit

    penguinusernamepenguinusernameپیش سال
  • Can't wait till I'm 18 next week so I can actually watch it

    Lila RenderLila Renderپیش سال
  • 1:02 is that like a fuckin walmart receipt

    Potato BobPotato Bobپیش سال
  • Can u make more vids cus I ran out of your vids to binge😂😂

    Janeva NeggersJaneva Neggersپیش سال
  • Cody gets it... IRworld is a business. They do whats in the best interest of their wallets. Whats wrong with that? Its theirs lol

    Anthony HutchinsAnthony Hutchinsپیش سال
  • react to ‘the bachelorette is on crack’ from justaudrey, that shit is funny

    shotos wifeshotos wifeپیش سال
  • i love the danny reference XD

    nah ninah niپیش سال
  • Thats so fucking wholesome that you guys play fortnite😂

    g vcg vcپیش سال
  • When he pulled out the receipt I died

    nurnurپیش سال
  • Grandpa Ko has some good news finally.

    Bradical25Bradical25پیش سال
  • It's funny how Matty smoke can deal with Cody's vid like an adult but Jake Paul can't :/

    QtnQtnپیش سال
  • PewDiePie roasting Jake Paul roasting You brought me here - so I guess what I'm trying to say is, Jake Paul inadvertently brought me here while trying to shame you. Thanks Jake.

    Sam ISam Iپیش سال
  • It’s not age restricted cody

    Ronika SassyRonika Sassyپیش سال
  • Smokes

    sandra Laseansandra Laseanپیش سال
  • So cute whooo

    Dabra PetiteDabra Petiteپیش سال
  • peace love and juul pods baby ✌🏻✌🏻

    Erin CurtisErin Curtisپیش سال
  • i was actually hoping he was a minor by the way he was talking in that Vape Hotbox 😂

    gochannygochannyپیش سال
  • I would die for Cody

    Emma McdougallEmma Mcdougallپیش سال
  • dude this is gooooold!

    James Rian O'KeeffeJames Rian O'Keeffeپیش سال
  • On the gang

    phillyhippiephillyhippieپیش سال
  • Are you even still doing Insanely Chill podcasts? I just looked at the last one was like a year ago.

    socrlaxsocrlaxپیش سال
  • Do you even burn?

    Josh BakerJosh Bakerپیش سال
  • for a simple update video this was frikken enjoyable to watch

    Ji StoneJi Stoneپیش سال
  • This is tight

    Claire HillClaire Hillپیش سال
  • Cody, Noel, and Ryan Trahan should do a collab

    Rebecca LewisRebecca Lewisپیش سال
  • Goin 200 Nik my dudes

    Suki SteeleSuki Steeleپیش سال
  • Bruh the hair was nice my guy.

    Adam SchlinkerAdam Schlinkerپیش سال
  • Hey Cody "Suckin On Her Titties Like A Baby -Wah" Lmao!!!!

    Pete GamesPete Gamesپیش سال
  • Fortnite with maddy smokes!

    David NagyDavid Nagyپیش سال
  • change your outro back to the old one

    Jena HallabJena Hallabپیش سال
  • Unpopular opinion but way prefer blonde Cody Get ya hat off

    Amy ClarkeAmy Clarkeپیش سال
  • You need to do that's cringe on I am a super saiyan. Everyone like this comment so it makes it to the top

    zach iacobuccizach iacobucciپیش سال
  • I love your music during the outros!

    Elijah KliphuisElijah Kliphuisپیش سال
  • The face in the thumbnail is priceless

    GruigiGruigiپیش سال
  • *A metric dick-ton*

    Delaila LavenderDelaila Lavenderپیش سال
  • That video was the best 15 mins of my life 😪🤠

    Keira RobbKeira Robbپیش سال
  • *HiS NiC lEveL's oVer 9000!!!*

    seth reidseth reidپیش سال
  • Matty FUCCCkin smokes

    Jimin JoyJimin Joyپیش سال
  • Thats cringe:emma chamberlain or sistersquad

    Jimin JoyJimin Joyپیش سال
  • *Casually gonna put VapeHotbox on in the background and let it loop all day to re-up its views*

    BorealHPBorealHPپیش سال
  • TMI but I’m single now and need a laugh sooo I need you and Noel to do another That’s Cringe video please. Ok thanks (:

    Melanie NettoMelanie Nettoپیش سال
  • Am I the only one who likes Cody's hair no matter what? ALWAYS A BABE

    Jacqui WhittleJacqui Whittleپیش سال
  • New upcoming comedy edits channel. A whole new spin on commentary videos. Subscribing to this won’t be a mistake. Our goal as a channel is to make you laugh! Subscribe if you want to see that kind of content!!

    Itz Garrett PagelItz Garrett Pagelپیش سال
  • Very unrelated to the video but Cody if there's anyone that could reignite the days of Vine, you're the one to resurrect it and evolve it #7secondVideos #BringItBack

    aaron kruseaaron kruseپیش سال
  • This vid is 100nic at fucking least fucking that ya fucking get me fuckers

    jase n jo jase n jojase n jo jase n joپیش سال
  • the age restriction don't really matter cuz we all lie about our ages anyway 🥴

    ShadyBeAShookethShadyBeAShookethپیش سال
    • Mine says I’m 95 because I used Cody’s birthday

      mary catherinemary catherineپیش 8 ماه
    • I think my acc birthday says I’m 25 when I’m actually 18 hah. Made my acc back in middle school

      Destiny CarreonDestiny Carreonپیش سال
    • lets parchment it up yo I’m 123

      Russian NameRussian Nameپیش سال
    • Yes I’m 54

      lets parchment it up yolets parchment it up yoپیش سال
    • It does matter fpr his views though... There are still alot of people that surf youtube without an account. They click on it and see they have to make an account and move on.

      Anthony HutchinsAnthony Hutchinsپیش سال
  • F A I R E N U F

    Oscar RosalesOscar Rosalesپیش سال
  • 3 more years till i can watch MATTDADDY

    Steven ReinhartSteven Reinhartپیش سال
  • Dude, I watched it for the first time. It is hilarious.

    hdp82hdp82پیش سال
  • “a metric dick ton”

    Alexis HatilAlexis Hatilپیش سال
  • It’s pretty fucked that they took down the videos before confirming Matty’s age... or at the very least actually take an initiative to investigate before fucking with creators revenue

    Sarelle SiriusSarelle Siriusپیش سال
  • Plot twist cody is a lesbian furry

    Led Zeppelin Fan01Led Zeppelin Fan01پیش سال
  • You look like that guy from the millers

    Firecracker guyFirecracker guyپیش سال
  • Matty *FUCKIN* smokes

    Shanise WShanise Wپیش سال
  • I was eating when he took his hat off. I WAS EATING

    Rachel WhartonRachel Whartonپیش سال
  • Tbh ppl at youtube be hella stupid. IRworld takes down your vids for stupid stuff, but they don’t take down vids showing CHILD ABUSE!!!!

  • idk if this is too dramatic but I genuinely think that you guys should have a union so there's some security for you guys. its a job that you depend on to pay bills and having them take away a video that probably brought in a good chunk of income is really scary. just a thought.

    Alishia MaghreivaAlishia Maghreivaپیش سال
  • HI I’M FROM BRITAIN!! CODY I need to say thanks because you sorted out my priorities. I used to fall for guys all the time when they didn’t even have any good qualities. Now I compare every potential guy to you and they’re all shit. You’re the shit. I have never loved someone’s personality so much in my whole life. Your sense of humour is so on point. I feel like parts of your sense of humour are quite British. I love that you love Love Island. Your British accent is shit though you sound like a pirate. So I’ll probably never get to meet you but that’s fine. It’s sad that I’ll probably never meet anyone like you and I’ll have to settle for a random douchebag some day. But anyway, you’re kind of like an role model to me in a way - what I should look for in a guy. You know how girls choose boyfriends based on what their dads are like. Well you’re my version of that hopefully since my dad is kind of a prick. It’s also genuinely so nice to see you happy with Kelsey!xx

    Study ZoneStudy Zoneپیش سال
  • youtube unsubscribed me from you but i’m back

    Mr. MeeseeksMr. Meeseeksپیش سال
  • thank pewds. he also mentioned your problem in one of his videos.

    chuchi chäschtlichuchi chäschtliپیش سال
  • Y do I have a crush on him

    Alexis gAlexis gپیش سال
  • Cody you look like Jason Sudeikis`s son ..

    Budah karrpudaBudah karrpudaپیش سال

    Morgan EngelmanMorgan Engelmanپیش سال
  • This sucks I only have 6 nic. Anyway, if you don't upload another video I'm calling IRworld.

    Mink SubliminalsMink Subliminalsپیش سال
  • I fuckin love how him and matty fucking smokes are playing Fortnite together

    V NewtsV Newtsپیش سال
  • love the BGM

    水杉洋暁水杉洋暁پیش سال
  • Cody👍

    BBپیش سال
  • Kusky

    BBپیش سال
  • I support Cushy

    BBپیش سال
  • yo i might be outta the loop but... what happened with the podcast

    Alana ElderkinAlana Elderkinپیش سال
  • When you said "...pour my energy..." I thought you said "poor money energy" and I was like WHAT?! YESSS... ME!!! Soooo *poor money energy* over here . . That's not a dis to anyone. I'm literally poor. So...

    N K BN K Bپیش سال
  • im gonna go watch vape hotbox thats cringe again in a celebration

    chloe raychloe rayپیش سال
  • you are iconic. i love you.

    Olivia BliedenOlivia Bliedenپیش سال
  • dude wade doesn’t even burn

    Aly NicholsAly Nicholsپیش سال
  • i just came across a video AND PLEASE I BEG YOU TO DO A THAT'S CRINGE to: literally girl defined 2.0

    Sabriya ZamanSabriya Zamanپیش سال
  • Time for a MattySmokes collab

    kittykatBflatkittykatBflatپیش 2 سال
  • at 4:04 i couldn’t find my wig

    Mia MikolajczykMia Mikolajczykپیش 2 سال
  • hands down favorite video of yours. whenever I show people your channel I do that video first

    jada doylejada doyleپیش 2 سال
  • Ah Ah Ah Ah 400 nic

  • Oh yeah yeah

    Mr HotDogeMr HotDogeپیش 2 سال
  • I'm selling a ticket to his show in Michigan for a low price on stub hub check it out!!!!! before it gets sold!!!!!

    LIna AbutalibLIna Abutalibپیش 2 سال
  • Cody’s hair is actually pretty good, people😂

    Christina SchoolcraftChristina Schoolcraftپیش 2 سال