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I WAS A POLICE OFFICER IN BROOKHAVEN! In this Roblox Brookhaven Roleplay video, George let me free if I joined the Brookhaven Police Force. Together, we team up to arrest criminals in Brookhaven!
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My name is Mackenzie Turner and I am a 21 year old cotton candy, ice cream and unicorn loving girl from Vancouver, Canada! I love playing Roblox, it's my favorite video game! I will be playing Roblox Adopt Me, Royale High, Piggy, Tower of Hell, and all the best Roblox games you recommend me to play!
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  • GEORGE IS BACK GUYS! Do you want to see more of George in future videos? 💕

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  • U can open the doors if u watch the outside and touch the button,so u can get out.

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  • Police guy:also whos idea was this stupid truck?!? NOT ROBBERS HUH

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    • And he realy brock a our rules and he rob the bank and he said not call the swat us and he call us and a girl Scam him he is so mad and we arest that girl but the guy that is also a rober escape hes the only one scape

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    • And arest that girl that we see

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  • George : who idea was that not Robert's really Rober: I told yo it would not work Jim 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I laght fo 10 minutes

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  • It’s was so funny when George said no you do not shoot them and then Mackenzie said I was just testing you

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  • I love your vids! 💕 I want you to post a video where you guys are anime characters! btw my username is JalenAndJorah please add me! hope you get to 1M subs! 💕

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  • do a criminal one where ur a criminal and gorge is trying to stop u but ur the most wanted criminal

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