James Charles Is The Funniest Roblox Player Ever

2021 6 فوریه
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James Charles plays Roblox with me and it was the funniest thing ever
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James Charles is a beauty youtuber who possibly does not play minecraft nor roblox for a living because he does not do roblox nor minecraft for a living, that's just my guess. So today it is my duty to make James Charles experience the alike games of minecraft and roblox, but more specifically roblox because he probably already tried minecraft but I'll show him minecraft too if he wants I can definitely do that and teach him to play minecraft or roblox that would be very funny.
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  • My mind: I think is das

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  • Quackity me encantan tus videos, cada vez que veo uno de tus videos me olvido de mis problemas en la vida, me haces reir siempre, me encantan tus bromas, espero no cambies mucho, y que me gusta tu contenido pero ya que soy bien pobre no te puedo apoyar mas que solo darte un like follow en tuich y mantener la campanita de notificaciones activada y repito, espero no cambies mucho, bueno, adios!

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  • Bruh

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  • Hi I'm a big fan and I'm from Filipines

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  • This video did not age well

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  • Juega con el maauuuuu

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  • Tbh the community for roblox is actually pretty cool, please dont think the game is for little kids. It has pretty good games

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  • Quackity Sucks Here, after Mr. Beast's vdo The singing guy really deserved it

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  • Who here after the groom situation

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  • hey Quackity ily.

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  • Who’s here after this man said no for Karl to the raccoon

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    • Right here

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  • I hate Quackity

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    • i dont really think hes funny but dont hate him

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  • Here before James get’s canceled

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  • Fuck u quackity its not a joke for running the raccon guy.

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  • no one: james charles: woooooaaahhhhh

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  • I only came here to sub

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  • Quackity has a crush.

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  • Nice

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  • the fact that the discord server is full :(

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  • Quakity you suck you took away 50k from a Mr beast video

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  • I was so depressed today and watching this just made me laugh so hard. Thank You

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  • How have I only just realised I have the same name as Quackity. I feel honoured. We are both Alexis.

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  • Can you do vlogs quackity bitch

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  • this video didn’t age well..

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  • 9:59 *THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!* *YOU MIGHT GET RUN OVER!* *BY THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS* *THE TIKTOK BUS 🏳️‍🌈* *featuring Quackity & James Charles*

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  • Dude I know someone that likes you shout them out next vid plz. Alexia

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  • Quackity: **likes burger king for fresh ingredients** Burger King: *BURGER KING FOOT LETTUCE*

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  • 11:14 my new ringtone

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  • he should rename this "James insults Quackity's height for 12 minutes

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  • Berger king is trucking descusting

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  • 🤠

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  • u literally made the fox lose the competition

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  • i dare you play friday night funkin

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  • LMAO "i am an expert with d's" NOOOOO BHJAJ

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  • Quarkity

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  • NAS 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Lets just talk about how funny james was?!?!?!

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  • Why did make gorge cry i don't like u anymore

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  • Your trash

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  • hows the weather down there

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  • Who else watched George’s streem .Qackity you where being so rude to George and guess what Your nobody! Like for @GoergeNotFound

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    • i can't tell if this is a joke or not

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  • "No more lies" Oh dear, James

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  • I’ve just saw the drama between you and GeorgeNotFound, but if it was acting, then it was really good acting. Umm I only watched this video because James Charles was in it :P

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    • @EpicIceCream thanks, oh gosh

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    • @Bethanie a lot of drama here let me link it

      EpicIceCreamEpicIceCreamپیش 10 ساعت
    • wait wait what happened

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  • When someone’s expecting James Charles to comment-

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  • I don't like this quackity tbh I liked when he was chill and not too much energy

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  • James: fUckIng x4 Me: 👁👄👁

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  • StAr cOdE qUaCkItY

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  • Quackity you are dumb

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    • Why lol

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    • I hate you

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  • I miss raids

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  • gee my ears are damaged. i didnt my pc's volume was at maxed and then quackity SCREAMED! (the whole vid)

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  • i like how after this video. he unfriended quackity LMAO.

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  • why do you live in a rock please tell me for the fans caveman

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  • Quackity try playing ragdoll engine in roblox

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  • H a p p y f l o u r m a y n .

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    • tf happened?

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  • Why are u adopted?

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  • You are Shit

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  • quackity if you get canceled im dead.

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  • Bro, wait until James Charles meets TommyInnit

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  • Quackity is literally me and James is my friend bc she make me feel so short

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  • I miss the good old days of less exaggerating quackity

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  • come back please

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    • i’m sad

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  • Dad its me :0

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  • I didn't know James was bilingual

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  • Ok but like when James yawn it sounded like hisoka is it just me LMAO

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  • Frick you quavkitvrbsy

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  • The best 12 minutes of my life they cure my depression

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  • No más mentiras 🤧🏃💨🤷‍♂️😭🤚

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  • I think James should play The mimic 😅🤣

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    • He’s mean to gogy

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    • Got covid?

    • Damn bro you okay

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  • sub.

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  • remember when people got mad at quackity for speaking spanish

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  • Its so funny

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  • Quackity? More like Quack-shitty.

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  • James Charles is a beautiful human James Charles is epic Pog as the twitch streamers say

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  • rub Quackity gives me short person vibes

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