Minecraft, But Crafts Are Multiplied...

2021 19 فوریه
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    • YAY

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    • Tapl, is the free giveaway plush is free shipping worldwide?

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    • How can I access it

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  • 3:36 skeleton goes brrrr

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  • woooooooooooooooow

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  • I saw three Yt channels in the comments

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  • TapL sounds like Tommyinit except TapL has a deeper voice ngl

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  • The mad man... he turned *HIMSELF* into a marketable plushie!

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  • Chad moment

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  • plz can i have it im your biggest fan

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  • But the status😂😂

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    • I ment by statu not status

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  • hOW DO YoU GeT ThAt MoD

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  • I just love how he screams all the time while fighting the dragon and also after killing it😂

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  • The vague puppy spindly switch because peak hisologically perform forenenst a narrow airport. superficial, trite pastor

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  • Did he not realize he only had to craft one pearl

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  • wanna craft a box of thin mints? sure I'll take 2 boxes what about 2 million? fine

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  • Chad moment

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  • You can’t stack pickaxes why can you

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  • Yhh

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  • Nice

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  • Nice

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  • I love it when you say nice

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  • How do you do these mods/changes to the game? Is it just changing of game code or is it its own separate thing? If anyone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

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  • People there was a desert temple in the ground of the village

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  • Why didn’t he use his thumbnail and craft notches

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  • Free Minecraft seed here: 15:18

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  • When you say meh and niceit make me feel goood

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  • haha chad moment

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  • CHAD!!!!!!!!!

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  • I was literally thinking what would happen if he made blocks then he mentions his chat talking about blocks

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  • Subbed

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  • Oh ohh uhh WAT I’m dead Fff 🤣🤣

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  • Chad

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  • I HAVE 10 HOES

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  • 1721

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  • a bow? ( 18:45 ) More like a B.O.W B.O.W From Resident evil 6

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  • Reply in the bottom) of how much power does his laptop

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  • :):):):):)

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  • Ciao

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  • chad

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  • I love how he doesn’t realize to re-craft the iron blocks and such into ingots again

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  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

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  • CHAD

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  • *Beating the boss but completing all the side quests first*

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  • "Chad"

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  • 13:22 this is how the govermanment make monny in real life

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  • Savvvvvvvvvvve

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  • Chad moment

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  • You pissed me of

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  • Minecraft: Craft 3 doors TapL: Craft 1,000,000 DOORS

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  • Please please don't shout anymore it's just a game

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  • Chad moment

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  • Tools : Stacks Me : wait that’s illegal

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    • I like your comment🥰🥰🥰

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    • Hay

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  • how did he make the rest of the house

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  • Chad moment

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  • POG

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  • Hi

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  • i will squish this plush very very hard until the head pops

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  • This was a very very good vid

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  • 20:21 dood

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  • ואני יודע שאף אחד כאן לא מבין אותי ואני אוהב את זה🤣

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  • איפה המודים?

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  • Chad moment

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  • please give me

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  • every time something of these "blocks are multiplied" no one makes CHESTS! "NoooOOooooooO WeRE tOo GoOD FoR cHesTs!!!¡¡!!

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  • hey my birthday is in feb 26

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  • Hi idoll

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  • Chad Moment

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  • chad momentom

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  • The laugh sounds like quackity

  • Nice

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  • this is the reason we have shulker boxes

  • TapL, could you make a name and face reveal, plzzzzzzzzzzz?

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  • No it’s already March 3 th

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  • Tapl more excited to find a library than a end portal

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  • how did he do this

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  • idk why are you not on dream smp

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  • alt Title: minecraft but you take it or leave it

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