PS5 How to Insert Disc (Easy to Get Wrong)

2020 14 نوامبر
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How to correctly insert a PS5 disc and correct the disc read error. There is for either vertical or horizontal mode, but the vertical mode is of course easier to get incorrect. #shorts
Confused about why people are getting this wrong? Part 2, along with a test putting it in the wrong way:

  • Want to see what happens if you put in the wrong way? Also, an explanation on why vertical mode works the opposite way. Part 2:

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    • I know sir sounds good I would love to get one PS5 I mean. Enjoyable system I bet. Patiently waiting for a chance to buy the PS5 or Xbox Series X.

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    • @Peter Pankov but hurt you dont have one??

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    • @lonely and pressed Sam as you why you here complaining when you can just screw off and go watch some god damm barny

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    • @Peter Pankov jesus man hes just asking chill out if your that mad go watch something else lol

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    • Yes we want

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  • Man I was ready for something to pop up and scare me 😂

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  • You sound like the guy from the big bang theory

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  • The real easy way is to see how you connect your USB. The blocked (reader contact) part of the USB port is always the top part. Always. Your USB stick blocked (again, reader contact) is always at the bottom.

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  • Wow... I didn't know it worked like that ! Omg it's just like ps4 and ps3... It's not hard to figure out how to do it... If people fail on inserting a disk in the new consoles.. then that's just hella sad.. he is just flexing that he as an ugly ps5 that cost what? Lmfaoo people are dumb to drop money for a brand new consoles when the ps4 or even the ps3 still have quality 😂 I love seeing people go crazy forget the shit they have... Just to say they own a new console... How sad

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  • This was a waist of my time 🤦‍♂️

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  • How could anyone get this wrong?

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  • “#15, Burger King foot lettuce”

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  • me with a digital edition: thanks for the help! no wonder none of my disks work

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  • PS5 is MASSIVE!

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  • Useless video

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  • Stay tuned for my next video when I show you how to turn it on and don't forget to like and subscribe lol type shit

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  • I put in miles morales on the opposite side and it basically told me "dumbass check if you put it upside down" lol

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  • I bet this dude doesn’t even have the PlayStation five he just stole it from his Friend

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    • It's mine, I've been gaming since the PS1 lol

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  • Why wel qwik

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  • Are you dum

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  • Melinials need a tutorial even to use a cd reader -_- thank go they dont need to rewind tapes or change cd on a multi tray stereo

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  • Can we all accept the fact that he is just trying to brag about his new ps5

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  • I feel really sad for those that have to look this up. Mental illness is not a joke 🥺🙏

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  • Save you time, CD label side facing away from you 😉

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  • RIP MANUAL.. 🤣😂🤣😂

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  • That’s common sense

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  • My man surpassed the laws of physics by reading the manual

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  • My got stolen asoon as I left best buy it was for my nephews bday

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  • Can I have my time back

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  • I can't remember the last time I put a disk in to play a game. Console gamers are hilarious. Physical media still in 2021...who would've thought. Paying full price for titles. Going up I hear to boot. Not able to play your old games on the same system. Rebuying the same title for the new "system". Don't miss it. Add it all up and wonder how yall still convinced it's the "cheap" way to game.

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  • Look at the USB port u will know witch way the system is facing only trust sony players know this

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  • For some reason I feel like every person who's made a video like this is lying just to troll 😂😂😂

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  • Pathetic click bait

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  • Who grabs the disk that way?

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  • You could have just put the disk in but no you had to show off the damn thing and take longer than a surgery

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  • Me because I have a xbox emm this is new to u people

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  • First get a ps5

  • Now, to get a ps5 to put the disk wrongly into

    Oscar MacaulayOscar Macaulayپیش 6 روز
  • You trying to show off I have ps5 too

    Omer GolanOmer Golanپیش 6 روز
  • I get it wrong also its annoying i sit down and it says cant read so i get up and take it out flip it and put it back in

    Oofio ManfunOofio Manfunپیش 6 روز
  • My question is why the f*** is that s*** not labeled

    AngelintheCLoudAngelintheCLoudپیش 6 روز
    • We've had green and blue buttons all our lives

      AngelintheCLoudAngelintheCLoudپیش 6 روز
  • Yeah that's backwards to most of us

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  • I always read the manual but if I did not I would assume it to be the wrong way. Good stuff

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  • Who actually wouldn’t think of flipping the discs the opposite way?

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  • How braindead do u have to be to not know how to insert a disc ahahahs

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  • Are people this dumb?

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  • That’s cool but why not just make a sideways console with a disc drive in the optimal/normal position

  • Very informational, thank you

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  • Ya I actually didn’t know how to put a cd in the ps5 cuz it’s my first time on a PlayStation I even

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    • Just ignore the I even wrote it by mistake

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  • Coool i definitely did not know this

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  • Sry i dont have a ps5

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  • If you need a tutorial on how to put in a disk into your PS 5, you shouldn't have one

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  • Another tip don’t buy a PlayStation

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  • Yeah now actually finding one that hasn't been scalped and priced at $800 would be of great help!

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  • Makes no sense. On every slot loader I ever used, shiny (data) side goes toward the thicker part of the drive.

    MilesPrower1992MilesPrower1992پیش 6 روز
  • But does it really matter what side it goes in because t doesn’t on the ps4

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  • Next video. How to sit on toilet the right way

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  • Why do do many people talk like this on IRworld!? Please become a mute

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  • Why that way? That’s not right

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  • I gote one for cristmas

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  • Uh ... are people really that fuking dumb to watch a tutorial on youtube for a disc ?

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  • I don't have a ps5 so this is not for me

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  • If you didn’t know this come on why you buying one in the first place 😂😂😂

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  • Do people actually fuck that up ? This younger generation is FULL of retards.

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  • Man I’d love to be able to get this wrong so I could have a ps5

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  • RIP to anyone who actually needed this tutorial

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  • Let me get a ps5 and come back

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  • That happened to me the first time I tried to put in the disc😂

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  • Who still uses a disc.. stop out of 2004 already

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  • Blind people: wtf is a PS5?

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  • A video for idiots!

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  • Ps5 is bad design😑

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  • Must be helpful for people who actually buy disc

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  • Too stupid to use a Ps5 wow

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  • When the PS5 was made for leftie's: (0.0)

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  • Actually to correctly insert assassins creed valhalla, it’s required that you break the disc aggressively over your knee

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  • Haha like i could afford one

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  • Console players really are thick as shit 🤣

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  • This reminded me going to High School computer class for the first time in 1991. The guy should how not to insert a 3.5 floppy for about 10 minutes. I quit the class the next day, since I was already building computers. Was the stupidest 1 day class I ever took.

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  • Great now what i need is PS5 and the Game Disk

    K - PabK - Pabپیش 7 روز
  • Real question: why is the ps5 still using discs and not micro chips? My ps2 from 2002 basically had the same technology 😂

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  • I feel like everyone should already know this but okay?

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  • Lucky bastard

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  • Great video. Please make a video showing how to turn it ON. Thanks

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  • Why do people make commen sense video like it's dumb and I don't know what lockdown did to people

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  • What they were thinking....

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  • The ps5 on its side is quite possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever seen

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  • This design is so beyond shit... I wonder how many accidentally shut off their ps... and how many insert the bd wrong..

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  • I put my disk in wrong when I got my ps5 but it will just say "Cannot read disc" so common sense tells you to eject it and turn it around... smh. Lol

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  • Did this honestly need a tutorial ? 😂

  • Fuck me the ps5 has some stupid design 😅

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  • Let me expwain weewl qwick

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  • What’s funny is that a normal ps5 doesn’t have a place for a disc and I know that cause I have one

  • PS5🤤

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  • Umm... Am I so old now that kids don't know how to put a disc in....

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  • Thx

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  • to why at 3am with work tomorrow I’m watching a guy teach me how to do the most basic thing on something I don’t have or want

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  • Finally launched the ps5 for the prices of the PS4 to go down, people to stop playing the PS3, for the PS2 to devalue and the PS1 to go out of style, so I can buy my Nintendo 64

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  • PS5 series is shirt

    George ClampGeorge Clampپیش 8 روز
  • I would have done it right because I've owned all the previous PlayStations which do it the same direction

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    • With that said the design is shit and the Xbox is superior in almost every way at this point.

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  • I actually can’t believe this guy uploaded this nonsense lol

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  • Are red dead redemption 2 ps4 disc can be able insert to ps5? And will work in ps5 in 4k resolution with 60 fps? Thanks

  • Oh wait I don't have a PS5

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  • Lol lucky im left handed

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