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  • I have one of these. It's gaudy and amazing and people love it or hate it and I'm all about it.

    Cameron OweCameron Oweپیش ماه
  • why is this still my fav cody video

    Elizabeth CrowleyElizabeth Crowleyپیش 3 ماه
  • If promos are like this, i wouldn't spam right side of the screen

    TrounceTrounceپیش 4 ماه
  • *un real*

    JubileeJubileeپیش 4 ماه
  • that little skit at the beginning was genius

    HelvegenHelvegenپیش 4 ماه
  • Heeyy that's pretty good👌

    Hailey MarrHailey Marrپیش 5 ماه
  • Cody. This is the content that I live for. Plz do an update on the mood rings.

    Greg SGreg Sپیش 7 ماه
  • 8:21 bruh she says not today has he thrown her off before

    Ratty FattyRatty Fattyپیش 7 ماه
  • Imagine being the funniest youtuber and having the least funniest fanbase lmao

    Daniel lynchDaniel lynchپیش 7 ماه
  • this vid was revolutionary

    Rachel SchwartzRachel Schwartzپیش 8 ماه
  • 1:35 Damn this dude looks like a fufu Lionel Messi

    masthmamasthmaپیش 8 ماه
  • so subtle with the gucci belt

    Jules KJules Kپیش 9 ماه
  • cody: I've never bought or owned anything designer also cody: *gucci belt*

    CadeCadeپیش 9 ماه
  • I wanna play lobster mania 3

    aubryaubryپیش 9 ماه
  • Fuck, i want a mood ring.. anyone have a diamond one, size 8?

    Henrietta LoreHenrietta Loreپیش 10 ماه
  • I had no idea how badly I needed the vlogs back until watching this🤧

    Sam DettmanSam Dettmanپیش 10 ماه
  • Cody ko gotta go my own way Gotta go my own way Next next next next next next next

    Jennifer ŽigovaJennifer Žigovaپیش 10 ماه
  • When Lucy started playing I thought it was my alarm and I was like say sike rn.

    Bivy DesdemonaBivy Desdemonaپیش 11 ماه
  • Petition to bring back Sam

    Theif McLarsonyTheif McLarsonyپیش سال
  • 7:14 man I thought that was Kelsey coming out the store for a sec 😂

    Ed HarrisEd Harrisپیش سال
  • I can't believe that motorcycle dude could go into slow motion mid jump very impressive

    LeonnelsonfootLeonnelsonfootپیش سال
  • Lobster mania 3 omg 😂

    Lisa LoveLisa Loveپیش سال
  • Those rings may be stupid af but the video was hilarious

    PixlPlayerPixlPlayerپیش سال
  • When Cody said spunk

    Caroline O'BoyleCaroline O'Boyleپیش سال
  • "i gotta go, my flights here"

    Clay HustonClay Hustonپیش سال
  • 9:14 Cody’s got a Gucci belt?

  • Cody is a godamnn visionary

    IcekickIcekickپیش سال
  • As soon as I saw, "The Laurel Collection" I was like, "The Yanny Collection? WTF is that?"

    Richard GenckRichard Genckپیش سال
  • 11:12 why the HELL is there a tube of toothpaste on the table at a public restaurant

    Maia RigsbyMaia Rigsbyپیش سال
  • The real question is, how did Cody afford to keep a Beatles song in his video?!

    Esther BrownEsther Brownپیش سال
  • This was actually really funny in some ways

    H .oH .oپیش سال
  • 999,888 view lol wtf

    An accountAn accountپیش سال
  • who is singing?

    VraisairsVraisairsپیش سال
  • wait that’s like the best editing move, when you’re filming and there’s really loud music in the background so you cut into the next scene and play that same music which is what they did with Lucy in the sky with diamonds lol

    caelan elizabethcaelan elizabethپیش سال
  • Legend has it, Lobstermania is still spinning to this day

    Seth AdamsSeth Adamsپیش سال
  • Just now realized he used "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" for the montage after it was blasting in the background before

    UrionUrionپیش سال
  • Is it bad that the first time I saw this video, I didn't even question that they were supposed to be looking at the Lincoln Memorial and the Statue Of liberty while they were in Vegas

    Vince MickeyVince Mickeyپیش سال
  • when Sam be looking like Lionel Messi when he had blonde hair ....

    Tara PaldonTara Paldonپیش سال
  • Sam is so hot tbh

    yeezusyeezusپیش سال
  • How the actual fuck did you not get exiled by the crown of IRworld for using a Beatles song?

    Ben ToppiBen Toppiپیش سال
  • he got a fucking Gucci belt lolol

    Alina NolanAlina Nolanپیش سال
  • 6:46 Who was that girl?

    Yemak MarkuriYemak Markuriپیش سال
  • I really sat through a 13 minute ad huh

    Yemak MarkuriYemak Markuriپیش سال
  • I bought one of your mood rings and the first day wearing it i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. two thumbs down

    John AbbottJohn Abbottپیش سال
  • 9:48 i actually love this song hahah

    Jade TanJade Tanپیش سال
  • I didn't realize this was a long ass ad until I was really listening and he mentioned the ring for the hundredth time.

    I Miss WangXianI Miss WangXianپیش سال
  • 0:48 that moment when you get copyright claimed

    sit down dranksit down drankپیش سال
    • you know the name of a song on this beat?

      pablopabloپیش 10 ماه
  • This video literally changed my mood.

    Tiger BoomTiger Boomپیش سال
  • “Cody in the sky with revenue”

    Josiah ProfennoJosiah Profennoپیش سال
  • this guy looks like messi

    Benjamin CeccioBenjamin Ceccioپیش سال
  • Watched this while you hit 3 mil FUCKING MOOD

    allie caseallie caseپیش سال
  • $10K top kek

    slyn4iceslyn4iceپیش سال
  • I legit got an ad for lobster mania 3 before this video... Lol wtf

    B1ind B1akeB1ind B1akeپیش سال
  • Moon Ring.....Nah Mood Ring......Yuhh

    Controlled ChaosControlled Chaosپیش سال
  • We stan a sam

    XavierXavierپیش سال
  • wow the hatred in this video, stop being a cyberbully and instead try drugging girls at parties

    JadeJadeپیش سال
  • 8:09 they chug unopened bottles of beer. They still have the caps on 😂

    Sydney OsentoskiSydney Osentoskiپیش سال
  • why does every slightly manly guy with bleach blond hair kinda look like g-eazy

    isabel wksisabel wksپیش سال
  • This video was definitely claimed by UMG I hope the rings sold well 😂

    Madison DurhamMadison Durhamپیش سال
  • i'm jealous of anyone who has the honor of being cody's friend

    Morgan K.Morgan K.پیش سال
  • what the fuck is sams last name

    Dexter245Dexter245پیش سال
  • I'd wear that ring. No way I could afford to pay that much at this point in my life, though, lol (cries)...

    Rachel T.Rachel T.پیش سال
  • mood af

    stefan löfven gamingstefan löfven gamingپیش سال
  • Such an underrated video

    eclipx keclipx kپیش سال
  • I was actually just in Rome and saw the real live painting of the Creation of Adam omg how did I not notice the mood ring????

    silverjetplanesilverjetplaneپیش سال
  • I love the Beatles

    Bella MorrisBella Morrisپیش سال
  • People bitching in the comments how it’s a ad, when this is one of the funniest vids I’ve seen

    KeatonKeatonپیش سال
  • I love the soundtrack to this.

    Jane LangfordJane Langfordپیش سال
  • im pretty sure i just got an ad about dirty fanfiction... "the alpha got his eyes on her" first of all if he is indeed a wolf leader from a pack that would be zoofilia. that was... disturbing.. to say the least

    giuliagiuliaپیش سال
  • why does this not have more views

    Molly JohnsonMolly Johnsonپیش سال
  • This video is underrated

    Jen DirstineJen Dirstineپیش سال
  • Got that Vitamin C “Graduation” background track ok there Grandpa

    moonstarsfiremoonstarsfireپیش سال

    spooksspooksپیش سال
  • If anything, this made me hungry😫 this burger looked gooood😂

    DN!ADN!Aپیش سال
  • LOL the blonde dude looks like a young Roger Stone

    bigmedgebigmedgeپیش سال
  • Your outro track is like Lucky Larry's Lobster Mania 3 for me.

    Camilla JeffersonCamilla Jeffersonپیش سال
  • Do you think Cody bought Noel’s Christmas gift from Gucci?

    JustinJustinپیش سال
  • Why Cody reminds me of Bernard from the office😂😂

    Genevieve NoelGenevieve Noelپیش 2 سال
  • Cody really that one frat boy who never gave up

    Elise CollinsElise Collinsپیش 2 سال
  • just the Shawn Mendes’ song at the beginning made everything so much better

    Alanys CalzadaAlanys Calzadaپیش 2 سال
  • Uh can they do slvr

    no peaceno peaceپیش 2 سال
  • I'm an alcoholic too

    no peaceno peaceپیش 2 سال
  • I got really excited when Lucy in the sky with diamonds began playing. (My name is Lucy because of that song) I wish IRworld allowed you to play the original.

    LouLouپیش 2 سال
  • im so confused but i like it

    Indigo DetryIndigo Detryپیش 2 سال
  • This was the best fucking video ive seen in a minute

    Jack HugginsJack Hugginsپیش 2 سال
  • 1:35 the timing with the music is perfect

    Wazilian FilmsWazilian Filmsپیش 2 سال
  • I could listen to that music at the end forever 😍

    Mathew LightfootMathew Lightfootپیش 2 سال
  • Aww, it’s nice to see this retired old man enjoying himself at a casino :)

    Darshita JettiDarshita Jettiپیش 2 سال
  • the lobster mania guy looks like Sam with his juul

    Robyn JaramilloRobyn Jaramilloپیش 2 سال

    daisyallendaisyallenپیش 2 سال
  • This is SO relatable hahagahajajk

    ajshjshjajshjshjپیش 2 سال
  • You know he doesn't get revenue off of this video because of the Beatles song that plays in the background-

    jena kottkejena kottkeپیش 2 سال

    giannagiannaپیش 2 سال
  • Sam kinda looks like a drunk Lionel Messi...

    ehab alademiehab alademiپیش 2 سال
  • i wish i was this funny

    Ali KaramiAli Karamiپیش 2 سال
    • ain'ters gonna ain't btw

      Ali KaramiAli Karamiپیش 2 سال
    • psych... Cody's old AF he ain't shit

      Ali KaramiAli Karamiپیش 2 سال
  • ive been trying to bring back mood jewelry dawg

    Morgan RushMorgan Rushپیش 2 سال
    • oh

      Morgan RushMorgan Rushپیش 2 سال
  • wtf was the "unreal" girl talking about?? was she angry at you? i'm confusion

    gemma feltovichgemma feltovichپیش 2 سال
  • i’m confused

    katharine cosgrovekatharine cosgroveپیش 2 سال
  • I feel kinda weird seeing kody hang out with someone who is not noel

    Marco LealMarco Lealپیش 2 سال
  • I was gonna buy one but its 89$ ;-;

    Charlie FajitaCharlie Fajitaپیش 2 سال