"When she crazy over the D Season 1" Comedy series

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  • Y’all want a season 2 to see what happens? 👀. Don’t forget to like and subscribe 💪🏽

    NellyVidzNellyVidzپیش 22 روز
    • Yes lmao

      Nate DanielNate Danielپیش 4 روز
    • Thanks you too

      JayKay47JayKay47پیش 6 روز
    • Yes man

      Tre HeartTre Heartپیش 6 روز
    • Im dying for season 2

      smooth_fox 250smooth_fox 250پیش 8 روز
    • Yes💯💯💯💯

      Katelyn StewartKatelyn Stewartپیش 8 روز
  • This is called the ho phase. they'll use you and decide to leave one day

    noor rahiknoor rahikپیش ساعت
  • Ngl, Cornell can freestyle 😂💯🔥

    JMJMپیش 9 ساعت
  • Just the tip 😂😂😂 I'll pay your rent dude like come on 😂😂

    Genesis MatthewsGenesis Matthewsپیش 10 ساعت
  • Why at first sight I thought he was ludacris

    Genesis MatthewsGenesis Matthewsپیش 10 ساعت
  • 26:05 dayum this nigga can ruuun😳

    Christian JoelChristian Joelپیش 11 ساعت
  • Hilarious my guy and the bloopers too lol

    lorence jlorence jپیش 12 ساعت
  • "It Take Some Finesse🎶"

    Nhlanhla NtabanyanaNhlanhla Ntabanyanaپیش 13 ساعت
  • @27:07 Sexiest "oops" I've ever seen

    Marvell KryptonMarvell Kryptonپیش 14 ساعت
  • 😂😂😂

    RealrebelliousRealrebelliousپیش 15 ساعت
  • scope gang stand tall

    gang dudahgang dudahپیش 18 ساعت
  • It be like that 😂

    Self love HealsSelf love Healsپیش 21 ساعت
  • She’s a keeper FUTB

    MykoolMykoolپیش روز
  • That shit gets annoying after a while tho. It really be messing up moves and plans when you literally are getting bombarded for sex all the time. Cant even go to the liquor store without an issue. lol fun times tho, bad times too.

  • 2:07 , she really head butted him like she was crazy af 😂😂😂

  • 12:10 :)

    ClownsClownsپیش روز
  • Where yo Netflix show at🤣🤣🤣😭😭

    3wayda_menace3wayda_menaceپیش روز
  • can we talk about Nelly’s dream 🖐😩🤚

    Azariah Sky lightAzariah Sky lightپیش روز
  • Not gonna lie that was a high key good 30 minutes,that shit slapped

    RedRedپیش روز
  • 18:13 their was a guy in back when he seen the car shake 😂😂

    Octavious PittmanOctavious Pittmanپیش روز
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jim RogerJim Rogerپیش روز
  • She look like money yaya a lil bit

    Kevin GeorgeKevin Georgeپیش روز
  • ser egdey

    Sire TerrySire Terryپیش روز
  • She acting like it’s crack😂

    Shorter God3427Shorter God3427پیش روز
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Daelyn WashingtonDaelyn Washingtonپیش 2 روز
  • Shit would’ve been super hilarious if she had black forces on when she was in the alley😂

    Treyvon JenkinsTreyvon Jenkinsپیش 2 روز
  • When’s the Netflix special coming @NellyVidz

    Alexander EspinalAlexander Espinalپیش 2 روز
  • she fine tho 👀

    just another dudejust another dudeپیش 2 روز
  • She smart she emptying his tank so he won’t be full for anyone else lol

    Mind YoursMind Yoursپیش 2 روز
  • One of my good dreams turn out to be a nightmare😅😂😂😂

    andre hamiltonandre hamiltonپیش 2 روز
  • Yo she a real life yandere

    Stephen WilksStephen Wilksپیش 2 روز
  • Bbc addiction. She tricked you!! Red Pill truth! Girlfriend pretends to be pregnant so the fool hits it raw and now she really is pregnant!!!

    davisgreen2099davisgreen2099پیش 2 روز
  • Roshan Brown

    Roshan BrownRoshan Brownپیش 2 روز
  • Roshan Morton

    Roshan BrownRoshan Brownپیش 2 روز
  • Well jump then 😂😂

    Antonio LewisAntonio Lewisپیش 2 روز
  • impression he had as the character Steve Urkel. People trying to geek out still today, and drive Bentley, Benz, of beamer like Urkel and rap about it.

    Michael LynchMichael Lynchپیش 2 روز
  • Lol these girls def exist. It's fun at first then they become your crazy ex.

    tastu1tastu1پیش 2 روز
  • Lowkey my thirsty ass

    Why ThoWhy Thoپیش 2 روز
  • A woman like dat I'd go again n again xD

    KINGhotaru11KINGhotaru11پیش 2 روز
  • Part 9

    To CoolTo Coolپیش 3 روز
  • 10:03 killed me😂😂🤣

    SNM BOYZSNM BOYZپیش 3 روز
  • This is true about all scorpios when you give them our d’s they all go crazy

    john ochoajohn ochoaپیش 3 روز
  • Oh she crazy crazy......

    Yves Saint LaurentYves Saint Laurentپیش 3 روز
  • She plays this role too oooo good!!🤣🤣

    Mali OneMali Oneپیش 3 روز
  • I met a chick with a shot that good. We have a 12 yr old daughter.

    Mansoor AhmadMansoor Ahmadپیش 3 روز
  • I really like this comedy skit

    E JE Jپیش 3 روز
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙌

    Xolani NkwanyanaXolani Nkwanyanaپیش 3 روز
  • i wouldnt mind

    Drozz LozzDrozz Lozzپیش 3 روز
  • I'm a ♈️

    Seth WatsonSeth Watsonپیش 3 روز
    • Virgin?

      Si'Diq Broadwater-SandsSi'Diq Broadwater-Sandsپیش 3 روز
  • Yo she Aborted a whole baby to get the d again lol

    Dc FlameupDc Flameupپیش 3 روز
  • Tell me to stay

    Dc FlameupDc Flameupپیش 3 روز
  • Yo her playing a junkie for the d had me deaddd u wanna pay my whattt?? Lol

    Dc FlameupDc Flameupپیش 3 روز
  • Bishh bad, I woulda cuffed huh lil crazy ahh🤤😰😰

    RoadToZion JahBlessRoadToZion JahBlessپیش 4 روز
  • Okay so, I want to say some pun, last minute thing about my own penis. You guys know it. The statement said that makes everyone be clever as fuck about how little and so manageable that, not only makes me rich in eye-rolling gif memes but basic and boring as all KINDZ of hell. But I just can't. Like I watch this. There isn't a single thing that comes to my mind. Thanks for nothing channel I stumbled across! Okay last and final thing. Champion brand clothing is an off-brand man! Like, Champion boxer briefs is uncomfortable as hell dude! Stick with Jockeys! I'd totally have glow in the dark Jockey labels all over my sweatshirt. Not Champion dude!

    David GilderDavid Gilderپیش 4 روز
  • Oh there is going to be a season 2 😁😁😁😀

    captain black vcaptain black vپیش 4 روز
  • Shooting these in S-log?

    Ayara Yashar'alAyara Yashar'alپیش 4 روز
  • oh shit

    Carl DouglasCarl Douglasپیش 4 روز
  • ...That’s what a Scorpio will do to you for real🥴😜🤣🤣.. Pisces here loving all up on a Scorpio. Acting just like that when I need it lol

    Ms.J LoveMs.J Loveپیش 4 روز
  • "Can't be that good"🤔 "Or is it"😃 The struggle is real ladies

    JAYESSJAYESSپیش 4 روز
  • 😶

    Trishelle TuckerTrishelle Tuckerپیش 4 روز
  • If there was something inspired by her skin, then it's all the shiny things in the world.

    AK JayAK Jayپیش 4 روز
  • "You know you not suppose to be doing this....but imma do it anyway" Pretty much my rhythm right now.

    Patrick M.Patrick M.پیش 5 روز
  • He looks and sounds like a grandpa or an old unc. He should play those characters.

    AK JayAK Jayپیش 5 روز
  • I want a girl like that

    baby tupacbaby tupacپیش 5 روز
  • O... you paying rent rent bring that ass on here then girl

    baby tupacbaby tupacپیش 5 روز
  • If I had a woman like Efran always wanting the d, I'm marrying her asap.

    Nate GriffithNate Griffithپیش 5 روز
  • You mind as well cuff her cuz

    Anthony HumphreyAnthony Humphreyپیش 5 روز
  • What some of these women are lacking today because of hit and run from another man.

    Maurice FullerMaurice Fullerپیش 5 روز
  • Been there

    Anthony HumphreyAnthony Humphreyپیش 5 روز
  • 😂😂😂 I aint laugh this much in a while

    Savvy TubeSavvy Tubeپیش 5 روز
  • I could use 2 minutes 😂😂😂

    Fatai AyelojaFatai Ayelojaپیش 5 روز
  • That's how they act wen u the first to stretch her out lol

    21deangelo21deangeloپیش 5 روز
  • Hi

    Dieudonne CarrollDieudonne Carrollپیش 5 روز
  • Is it really that gud😂😂😂😂

    teejayteejayپیش 5 روز
  • Been waiting for a season 2 forever

    Ryan JamersonRyan Jamersonپیش 5 روز
  • Well jump then!!

    SZN-IspexSZN-Ispexپیش 5 روز
  • Him and v got the same people lol

    SZN-IspexSZN-Ispexپیش 5 روز
  • God loves you

    What TheWhat Theپیش 5 روز
  • Then again, how are men like Nelly tripping off a chick wanting more dick. What's wrong? So what sex is like a playground, what's the dissatisfaction?

    Give ThanksGive Thanksپیش 5 روز
  • Why did he have to use Scorpio but then say it's just sex, it's not that good. I'm Scorpio sun and Scorp moon, I was almost as crazy as Effran but...

    Give ThanksGive Thanksپیش 5 روز
  • Yo that is stupid oh no but I don’t want to what day bro well if I see you with that again bro and tell your mom

    Thad SimpsonThad Simpsonپیش 6 روز
  • She a beautiful but has a demon

    alvin dounserouxalvin dounserouxپیش 6 روز
  • I'm scared now

    alvin dounserouxalvin dounserouxپیش 6 روز
  • She is so sexy

    Keaton. ShawKeaton. Shawپیش 6 روز
  • “i fee like prince” 😂😂

    Kendrick kerkKendrick kerkپیش 6 روز
  • I swear I was going thru this same shit a month ago. I might crack a smile but ain't a damn thang funny

    Val ZodVal Zodپیش 7 روز
  • 😄😄😄good duo

    Peter BristolPeter Bristolپیش 7 روز
  • When season 2? Cant wait what will happen

    cool_ palcool_ palپیش 8 روز
  • I’m a virgin so I don’t understand, I’m assuming your going to be hot and sweaty so why would you go back underneath hot blankets? Also, he just busted and y’all go on your day damn I’d hate that. I thought it’s supposed to be a special moment between a man and woman not a quickie.

    •CJ•CJپیش 8 روز
  • Efran bad ashit 😌😌😌😌

    Maduwa SineraMaduwa Sineraپیش 8 روز
  • EFRANGELIZ😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Javorian WimberlyJavorian Wimberlyپیش 8 روز
  • It smell like piss out here

    CrisCrisپیش 8 روز
  • 30:42 she shoulda had black airforces on

    GoldGoldپیش 8 روز
  • she is starting to get crazier by the episode.

    Dank MemesDank Memesپیش 8 روز
  • @12:04 he crying

    Faded Circle6728Faded Circle6728پیش 9 روز
    • Kid

      Faded Circle6728Faded Circle6728پیش 9 روز
    • Y

      Faded Circle6728Faded Circle6728پیش 9 روز
    • Hx

      Faded Circle6728Faded Circle6728پیش 9 روز
    • Haha ha

      Faded Circle6728Faded Circle6728پیش 9 روز
  • got an ex she's that crazy.

    Don Kennedy .F.Don Kennedy .F.پیش 9 روز
  • “I feel like Prince”🤣🤣🤣

    charles smithcharles smithپیش 9 روز
  • When HD (Honey Dicking) goes wrong. Advice for you younger guys. No HD until you know she is the one for you. Keep it reasonable and borderline selfish. Unless you enjoy hearing "Who the fuck is she, and why is she always commenting on your shit". Just some advice. Take it or leave it.

    T DanielsT Danielsپیش 10 روز
  • This should be a commercial I want penis and I want it now man I'm dead👌👌

    Barbara TaylorBarbara Taylorپیش 10 روز
  • Lol

    demigod503demigod503پیش 10 روز